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Family Visa Australia

There is no doubt to say Australia is one of the finest places to stay under the sun but it is not a piece of cake to get the permission to stay and settle there for the non-citizens of Australia. However, if you read the ins and outs and follow the immigration steps out and out, and submit the necessary documents, Australian family visa process will be a smooth ride and hassle free. Coming to this process, Australian Immigration, a Government Approved MARA Agent in Delhi is the Best Family Visa Agent for Australia in Delhi that offers the best reliable visa service in a very systematic and efficient manner at an affordable price.

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There are different visa streams which enable visa options for parents, spouse/partners/dependent same sex partner, children and other family members. Coming to the Australia partner Visa subclass 309, this type of visa is granted to settle in Australia temporarily and after fulfilling the requirements, applicants can become a permanent partner visa subclass 100.  

Australia Prospective Marriage Visa:

Australia Prospective Marriage Visa is that kind of visa that allows you to marry your partner/spouse who lives in Australia. This will be valid up to 9 months from the date of visa was issued.  You can enjoy your time before the expiry of the validity in Australia.  

Australia Parent Visa:

This type of Visa can be either temporary or permanent which allows you to live with your child in Australia if he/ she is already an Australian Citizen, an eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident holder of Australia.  

Normally, Family Visas may also require an Assurance of Support from an Australian permanent resident or citizen. The assurer should: 
  • Lodge a bond with The Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Pay a Migration Health Services Charge
  • Be responsible to provide sufficient direct or indirect financial assistance
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